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5Amy Deluxe

Stone tobacco pot with tobacco sieve


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AED 60.00

In stock

Product information “Stone tobacco pot with tobacco sieve”

The Amy Deluxe stone tobacco bowl with a tobacco sieve revolutionizes the way you build a bowl!

  • It couldn’t be easier

Fill the enclosed tobacco sieve with tobacco, put it in the bowl, put the foil/chimney/smokebox on it – Yallah.

  • Heat on point

The stone material not only heats up your head quickly but also distributes the heat evenly to your tobacco. As a result, the flavor and smoke intensity decrease only slowly over the course of the smoking session.

  • Keep it simple

The design is kept natural and simple. The dark material of the head is subtle and elegant. Your shisha remains the eye-catcher – the bowl rounds off the overall picture.

*note- Heat Management not Included