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A very special bowl from Aladin Shisha, which contains several spacer rings and an insert screen. Perfect to influence the amount of tobacco needed by yourself.


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Material Bowl:Clay
Tobacco Bowl Features:glazes suitable for HMDPhunnel
Color Bowl:brown black
Shipping weight:0,20 kg
Item weight:0,20 kg

The Optimus Bowl from Aladin Shisha is a very special bowl that gives you the opportunity to influence the needed amount of tobacco yourself.
It is made of clay and its tobacco deposit is glazed. As a first impression, it looks like a deep phunnel bowl, but the special feature hides inside the Optimus Bowl.

4 spacer rings allow you to determine how much tobacco is needed. To do this, you simply place the appropriate rings and the tobacco screen in the bowl. Then you put the tobacco on the inlay plate and the bowl is prepared.

For example, the Optimus Bowl is suitable with the Aladin Mockingbird chimney attachment or the Aladin Only One heat management device, which only requires only single coal.

Of course, the diameter of about 7cm also allows the use of other common attachments and heat management devices with a suitable diameter.

Height: approx. 10cm
Diameter outside: approx. 7cm
Diameter inside: approx. 6cm
Total depth: approx. 3,3cm
Minimum depth: approx. 1,4cm

The minimum depth refers to the use of all spacer rings and the tobacco screen.
Included are spacer rings in the following thicknesses:
1x 5mm
1x 3mm
2x 1mm
1x inlay plate 1mm

Weight.250 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 5 cm


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